Tube-Tech HLT2A


The TUBE-TECH HLT 2A is an all-new kind of Equalizer, combining High and Low shelving Eq plus Hi and Low cut filters with an innovative T filter “tilt” midrange Eq.
It's the first time this combination of filters has been designed in the analog domain.
HLT 2A is a stereo unit, featuring active low and high shelving EQ and a passive T-filter plus passive Hi/Lo cut filters.
The shelving EQ's are designed around a high gain tube amplifier, and the T- filter and Hi/Lo filters are passive filters placed after the active shelving EQ and before the output amplifier. All sections are supplied with a bypass switch.
The HLT2A furthermore features an overall bypass switch.
So how does it sound?
The TUBE-TECH HLT 2A marks a different approach to EQ'ing. It is a very powerful overall shaping EQ, yet extremely simple to operate.
To put it simply, the HLT2A will yield good results for basically any material and application, ranging from the demanding mastering engineer to the sound quality hungry project studio owner.
The combination of Hi and Lo shelf and Lo/Mid frequency T just creates a ton of very nice EQ shaping possibilities!

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